Queensland Leaders

What does it mean to you, to achieve your dreams & goals?

If there was an opportunity to fast track your success and release yourself from what has been holding you back, would you take it?

Real power is the ability to control & Influence your own outcomes. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people ever reach their full potential.

Welcome to Queensland Leaders. You are here because you have been recognised as someone who holds qualities & Values in alignment with those that we seek, those that strive to achieve success & happiness in all aspects of life.

You now have an opportunity to connect with an exclusive group of like-minded individuals and business professionals to share and grow together.

About TNL Global

TNL Global is a Townsville based company, founded by Paul Treloar and delivering a broad range of services to companies of all levels. Most well-known for delivering consulting and development to High Nett Worth individuals and larger organisations, for the first time we are now offering a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs and business people to enjoy an offering not previously offered at this level in our community.

QLD LEADERS will provide peak performance coaching for those looking to take their lives to The Next Level, personally and financially. We are confident that we will add massive value to all areas of your life, in order to experience total fulfilment in everything you do.

This is a 12 month membership, offered to a group of like-minded people looking to increase your fulfilment in achieving financial and non-financial success. The content covered will vary and be tailored to meet the needs of the group from time to time. Various topics may include:

• Personal Development
• Leadership
• Goal Setting
• Time Management
• Communication (workplace & personal)
• Health & Fitness
• Business

Pauls Business and Personal Development knowledge is vast and varied, recently recognised with his Australia Business Partnership with Jay Abraham. Jay is known as one of the most successful Business Strategist and Consultants of all time and it is with this calibre that you can expect to learn.

More information about Paul can also be found at paultreloar.com

The Format

Member’s will attend monthly meetings or training events which will generally run for a couple of hours however, longer ½ day events and other activities may take place throughout the year. While we aim to add massive value we also acknowledge the importance of your time.

Accountability is paramount and all participants are expected to take action on tasks given as a part of the training. Knowledge is nothing without action! Knowledge + Action = Power!

We understand this program is not for everyone. We’re looking for people who want to be better, better at everything from decision making to action taking, from leading to listening. You must be directable and willing to listen, you must be willing to take action.
To participate you must be open to learn, to do and try new things, to hear another point of view, to receive constructive feedback or someone else’s point of view. You must be willing to be uncomfortable and to push through the stories and excuses you will tell yourself when the going gets tough – You MUST be willing to grow.

As positions are limited, there will be an application process to ensure we create the best environment for our members.

This offering is for those ready to take action, priced at just $5,900 up front or 12 monthly payments of $540.