Jay Abraham Strategy Institute



CEO Training Programs: Learn to Lead in Today’s Rapidly Changing marketplace

Jay partnered with former multinational CEO Carlos Dias to form The Jay Abraham Strategy Institute. The Jay Abraham Strategy Institute delivers a complete catalogue of ‘learning by doing’ CEO training programs for executives that offer flexible, self-paced, individual or group learning options. Delivered through a modern eLearning platform, these CEO training programs apply Jay’s proven business level strategy consulting concepts. The specially designed programs teach executives what MBAs and other educational providers do not – proven, practical strategies for generating wealth that transcend theory and academia.

What’s Different?

Making effective strategic decisions is more difficult than ever. Starting with this basic premise, Jay and Carlos have developed a learning system specifically for executives operating in a complex, hyper-competitive world. To operate effectively in this world requires a re-thinking of the skillsets required to remain relevant. At the Jay Abraham Strategy Institute we define this new set of skills as Business Acuity: the ability to understand how a business ecosystem works, and how the different parts should work together to create sustainable, profitable growth.

Our curriculum is designed to help executives understand the interactions of the separate parts — the natural forces that impact a business — rather than evaluating them in isolation. This requires executives to hone a set of skills in order to become an Accurate-Thinker Strategist that masters the art of foresight-based insight, a core principle underpinning all program curriculums.

The Power of Learning by Doing

Built on a modern eLearning and collaboration platform, our ‘learning by doing’ programs offer self-paced, individual or group learning modules. In addition, practical tools, guidebooks, interactive webinars are available to augment the formal training sessions. Each program category is designed to address the needs of businesses at a particular size and stage of growth.