The Ground breaking eLearning-by-Doing Program for 21st Century Leadership Teams.

A NEW and UNIQUE 25-executive package Thinking Process Program. Designed by CEOs, for CEOs, Senior, and Junior Executives.

Any executive can take into account the visible effects of his or her strategic decision. But a talented, strategic executive also takes into account the effects that must be foreseen. This difference is enormous. Why? Because it very often happens that when an immediate consequence is favourable, the ultimate consequence is dangerous or even fatal. And the opposite is often equally true.

Certainly not in one weekend; but in less time than it would take you to travel this path on your own – around 3 hours a week for each executive over the course of the 6 Modules (it typically takes 3-months to complete each Module). And, that is key for you to know, with far more certainty – because you will be able to apply what you learned right away, in your own Business, with your own executive team. And what does that mean for your business? Everyone of your 25 key executives learning-by-doing-the-right-things, to bring a new competitive culture and new sustainable profitable growth to your business. Think of it as an investment of your time – an investment, which yields the richest possible ROI for your business and for yourself. We guarantee it! Carlos and Jay have designed Creative Leadership for Turbulent Times, specifically for the Corporate World. We have packed the program with everything you need to learn in order to apply these concepts, tools and thinking processes for leading successfully through Turbulent Times such as today:

  • Exciting, easy-to-use tools like our proprietary What-If-Scenario Calculators to build your strategic skills
  • Flexible, convenient access 24/7 to our state-of-the-art eLearning platform, no matter where you are located
  • Engineered to provide you with everything you need: tools, access, a step-by-step blueprint for leading and succeeding in a fast-moving world

What does this means to you? Three key things:

  • Your current culture can continuously be reshaped to adjust to a fast-moving world
  • You’re able to identify and develop internal people with the potential to fill key leadership positions in your company; in other words, fulfilling your responsibility to increase the availability of experienced and capable junior executives who are prepared to assume these roles as they become available
  • You realize considerable savings in your training budget, and better results in training effectiveness

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