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Why work with us?

“The higher you go, or the higher you want to go, the greater the requirement to have someone in your life who will hold you accountable and tell you the truth”

With access to an amazing group of highly accomplished and highly successful individuals you will have proximity to the resources that you need to ensure your business not only survives, but dominates its market in an ever changing environment.

To be successful you must be able to see the unseen, to see around corners and prepare your business and your team with the tools and strategies for long term success.

By working with our team you will:

  • Have proximity to the strategies and mindset of the best of the best – Proximity is POWER
  • Have access to cutting edge resources combined with strategies that actually work
  • You will always hear the truth – not judgement, just the truth so you can see what actually needs to be done to achieve the results you strive for
  • No lock in commitments
  • A unique combination of business expertise and an indepth awareness of Personal Development
  • I see what other’s don’t, including your limiting beliefs and the stories that are holding you back
  • Our goal is always a WIN / WIN
  • We are completely outcome driven
  • Strategies tailored to meet your individual needs

Our business, like yours, is not black and white and to deliver you exceptional results we customise and tailor our services to ensure we deliver your outcomes – we do understand however that sometimes you need a guide, so we’ve outlines some example packages that may suit your needs and deliver exceptional value to take your business to The Next Level.

With a range of packages commencing from $600 per month please contact me directly and ask to explore our Business Breakthrough Webcast Series.

  • For Entrepreneurs, Small & Medium Businesses

    Get clear on exactly where you are now, where you want to get to and create a detailed plan of EXACTLY how to get there.
    Create the Vision and back it with the systems and the strategy to set your business up for the next level.
    Create constant cash-flow streams and extract substantial profits from your business to create the lifestyle you have only dreamed of.

    • Group Calls & Webinars
    • Access up to 2 events per year (seminar Style), half day of full day, topics vary
    • Discounted access to Unleash the Power within, Jay Abraham tours and other selected events
    • Discounted event access to Carlos Dias
    • Access to Personal Development tools and resources
    • Access to business resources
    • Business Vision, Strategy and Direction consulting by Paul Treloar or the TNL Global team.
    • Regular communication to ensure accountability and action taking
    • Unlimited access to your Personal concierge
    • 2 Calls per month to Paul Treloar (if required)
    • Weekly email communication
    • Access to an amazing Experience Trip

    Inclusions for this package are varied based on client need and will be adjusted to meet the requirements of your business.

    Strictly Limited to 25 clients only
    From $2000 per month

  • Premium Business Package

    Fast Track your success, substantially improve your business profitability, have clear defined systems that allows you to choose between being a ‘Business Owner’ or a ‘Business Operator’.
    Dedicated time to dive deep into your psychology and that of those in your organisation. We will spend time exactly where it’s needed, this may be anywhere from sales to staffing, from systems to strategy and absolutely everything in between. Understand the difference between a ‘USP’ and a ‘CVP’ and whats most important for your business.
    Learn about the Strategic Wealth Creator Systems and ‘Only 3 Ways to grow your business’ We dive deep into your organisation, your culture and your beliefs to uncover and unleash substantial increases in profits and life enjoyment!

    • All inclusions from the Small Business Package, plus
    • Direct & unlimited access to Paul Treloar to guide your business to The Next Level
    • Unlimited access to your Personal concierge
    • 2 Board room experiences per year
    • Free Experience Event
    • Personalised business planning for growth and success
    • Personal mentoring directly from Paul Treloar
    • Proximity – The key to growth and success!

    Inclusions for this package are varied based on client need and will be adjusted to meet the requirements of your business

    Exclusive to only 10 clients.
    $5000 per month

  • Enterprise Package

    Reserved only for people who want to be better, better at everything from decision making to action taking, from leading to listening. You must strive to achieve greatness. You must be directable and willing to listen, You must be open to collaboration and be willing to experiment with an exponential organisational mindset.
    I want you to think big, be open to opportunities and most importantly – you must be willing to be uncomfortable and challenged, you must be willing to grow.
    There are, of course, no guarantees in life. There are less in business – If I agree to work with you I’m confident of an extraordinary long term result.
    You are my client and I, your trusted advisor. You have access to my closest friends and associates and will see leverage opportunities like never before.
    Be prepared to go deep!

    • Paul’s Personal Client – designed for business and CEO’s who will settle for nothing less than outstanding results.

    Inclusions for this package are varied based on client need and will be adjusted to meet the requirements of your business

    Exclusive to only 10 clients.
    $10,000 per month

My Guarantee

“If we don’t exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional results you keep all tools & resources and walk away with no cost”